Q. How does Chasing Lockets work?
A. You choose two photos for the front and inside of a locket, type in your client's mailing info, and choose your packaging info. We hand make, gift-wrap, and send the locket directly to your client. See the What We Offer section for more details.

Q. How much do the lockets cost?
A. Since this is a photographers-only service we only release this information to photographers. If you create an account you can view pricing, or if you email a link to your photography website from your photography email address to hello@chasinglockets.com we can get you some more info.

Q. Is Chasing Lockets really the perfect client gift?
A. We don't see a lot of clients volunteering to wear the 16x20 canvas print you gave them on their back in public and telling all their friends about you. However, we do often see them wearing the locket everywhere and telling everyone that asks about the photo and photographer. They also often post photos of the lockets on their social media. In the end it's been the perfect client gift for many, and we'll let you be the judge if it is for you. If you can find anything else that works better we would love to hear about!

Q. What's the deal with so many extras and packaging options?
A. We don't see ourselves as offering a "product" but rather a "service" intended to make loving and gifting your clients custom to you and as easy as possible. Therefore we try to offer enough options to allow you to compliment your brand so you can drop-ship the lockets directly to your client.

Q. I know you talk a lot about gifting, but can I sell the lockets as well?
A. Yes! You can do whatever you like with the lockets. However, depending on your volume and how you price them, the profit margin on a product like this would be a fairly small. Alternatively, by gifting them, you can create some amazing love circles, strengthen your client relationships, as well as put the law of reciprocity into play. All of these are benefits you only get when you gift. For many people this results in a much higher longterm return. However, if you do gift a locket and then the person asks for three more, it would make sense to get reimbursement for those.

Q. I offer the lockets as one of my studio products or as an incentive gift. Is there a reason your website isn't very user-friendly for this purpose?
A. Our mission and purpose is to make it easy for photographers to love their clients with unexpected surprise gifts. This is why each locket always comes gift wrapped with a handwritten note. We're excited every time someone finds a new use for our lockets, but as we develop we like to stick to our main mission for the site design and order process.

Q. Will Chasing Lockets always be a photographer-only service?
A. Yes, Chasing Lockets will always be a photographer-only service. But we wouldn't rule out the possibility of opening up a retail version of the lockets under a different brand/website with higher retail pricing instead of the Chasing Lockets wholesale price.

Q. How do I choose an image to put in the locket?
A. There are a lot of variables to consider, and you can check out a little discussion on the subject on this page.

Q. I know a lot of wedding photographers send the lockets after an engagement session or wedding. Can I use them for families or newborns as well?
A. Yes, many users send the lockets with family photos or newborns on them as well. Moms love these!

Q. How long does it take to get the locket?
A. Each locket is custom handmade, so think "Album Company" rather than "Amazon Prime" when it comes to timing. Due to the complicated process of sealing the front photo in a permanent longterm resin, it takes 3-8 workdays from when you order the locket till it ships. You can choose to ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail. On your account page you can view when the locket goes into production, and you will get an email notification and tracking number when it ships.

Q. So there are two photos? One on the front and one on the inside?
A. Yes, the photo on the front is sealed in a UV resistant waterproof resin with a hardness shore of D85 (e.g. permanent). The photo on the inside is printed on Kodak archival paper and attached with adhesive. There is also an option for a third photo. Click here to view all the additional options.

Q. Can I print additional photos for the inside?
A. Yes, you can! Click Here to download a template for a 4x6 print, showing how large the photo needs to be for the inside of the locket.

Q. What's included with each locket?
A. Each locket by default comes in your choice of gold or silver, includes a photo on the front sealed in a permanent resin, an unsealed photo on the inside printed on Kodak archival paper, a display card of your choice, a 24" matching chain, a black velveteen pouch, a handwritten note using your text, gift wrapping with your choice of wrapping paper, and shipping via USPS First Class Mail. In addition to the default options, there are many additional upgrade options you can view here.

Q. Why don't you ship to Canada?
A. One of the key features of Chasing Lockets is that we gift wrap and ship directly to your clients so you can literally finish the whole process in less than two minutes. However, if we ship to Canada the client would need to pay import and tariff fees when the locket arrived. That wouldn't make for the ideal gifting experience. We are currently looking at the process to upgrade our website to just ship to photographers for Canada. If you're interested in getting a one-time email if/when we start shipping to Canada, you can sign up here. The larger the mailing list the higher priority this becomes.

Q. I live in another country. Can I order lockets?
A. Some international users have signed up with a border shipping service. The service gives them a USA address they can use to create an account with Chasing Lockets, and then forwards any mail received there to the user's international address.

Q. Do you do collaborations or giveaways with photographers or companies for workshops, events, or fund raisers?
A. Yes to all of the above. We often do various collaborations. Send us an email at hello@chasinglockets.com with your idea and we can talk about if it would be a good match for us to collaborate.

Q. Can I just send the locket to my home or studio address and re-package it?
A. Yes, when you order there is a little check box you can click to send it to yourself. When shipping it directly to you, we include a blank card and envelope that you can fill out yourself and include the wrapping paper in a mini roll.

Q. After I uploaded my images, they look faded and desaturated in the preview and/or email confirmation. Will they look like this printed?
A. Yes. Likely you are uploading Adobe RGB images instead of SRGB images. In general for anything related to a web browser, it's best to use SRGB images. To ensure your images look the same printed as on your computer we only support SRGB at this time.

Q. I'm sensitive to some metals. What metals are in the locket?
A. See the locket information page for all the details on metals used.

Q. Why don't I get your promo emails?
A. Likely because your email provider is filtering them into spam. Make sure to white-list hello@chasinglockets.com to make sure you don't miss anything.

Q. How strong is the chain the locket comes on?
A. The chain is designed to hold the weight of the locket plus some light tugging. It will not support the weight of a small child, dog, cat or excessive yanking. View more details on chains here.

Q. I have a great idea for Chasing Lockets! Would you like to hear it?
A. We LOVE to hear ideas from our users. We especially like to hear the same idea from lots of different people. We are always looking for ways to improve, but also like to keep things really simply and easy. So we might not use every idea we hear, but we love to hear them. The more we hear the same idea from multiple people, the more likely we will consider it. Send us an email to hello@ChasingLockets.com with your ideas!